NPF 2024
Tracks and WORKSHOPS

Designing Shipping Solutions for a Competitive Edge

This track specializes in shipping business solutions to drive long term growth. A focus will be on USPS Ground Advantage, a game changer ground product for fast and reliable delivery. You will hear the latest trends in the industry and learn why the market is still experiencing rapid growth with ever-changing customer needs..

Connect Regional: Expanding the Reach of Final Mile Delivery for Customers and Consumers

As we re-imagine and streamline our processing and distribution network, we are ramping up expansion of our Regional Processing & Distribution Centers, which is providing customers and consumers greater access, and expanded reach to affordable and fast regional delivery. Come and learn about these network enhancements and how they are providing solutions that improve the delivery experience and power your businesses competitive edge.

Cross-border eCommerce Trends for 2024

Learn about latest developments, trends and drivers shaping cross-border e-commerce, as well as global insights into consumer preferences and experiences from USPS and the International Post Corporation (IPC). Data Modeling: Deep Dive into Package Level Detail This workshop will show you how to use your data to streamline operational efficiencies and balance the fine line of speed vs cost.

Decoding Your Bill; Understanding Net Minimums, Surcharges and Accessorial Fees

More details to come. Thank you for your patience.

Elevating Your Customer Experience Strategy With Shipping

Your customer experience doesn’t end when they complete their purchase. Learn how you can better leverage shipping services to delight your customers and keep them coming back.

Highlights of Shipping Advantages with USPS Ground Advantage

More details to come. Thank you for your patience.

Integrating with the USPS Smart Lockers Platform for Free, Secure & Convenience

In this workshop you will learn about a free, secure and convenient package delivery alternative with 24/7 access. The presenters will provide an update on the recent rollout of 450 new Smart Lockers, key functionality, and an overview of the user experience, from integration and shipping, to loading and pickup. The workshop will provide in-depth descriptions of the overall program objectives, key features, and powerful API suite. This workshop will be appropriate for both business and technical audiences.

Label Fraud – Identification and Prevention

This session will provide knowledge and tools needed to identify and prevent label fraud.

Mastering Parcel Processing at Scale: Navigating Friction in Technology Adoption

Explore how cutting-edge shipping software empowers shippers to efficiently process parcels at scale, navigating the friction of adopting new services into existing technology stacks. Delve into success stories, including the swift introduction of services like Ground Advantage during peak, and overcoming challenges when IT departments are resource-constrained.

New Product Introductions

More details to come. Thank you for your patience.

Shipping Industry Trends

Businesses are continually evolving their business models to meet customer demands while managing their own bottom line. In a time of high inflation, tight transportation markets, and evolving consumer behaviors, businesses are adapting how they meet their customer needs.

The Future of eCommerce is in Local Delivery

Customers want their purchases faster than ever, leading more and more eCommerce shippers to explore quick-commerce solutions. Learn how USPS’s local shipping solutions can help.

USPS Returns Solutions

Learn how USPS can enhance your returns process by leveraging our technology, processing facilities, transportation and delivery network. Learn about the latest enhancements to our return solutions.

USPS Shipping 101

This workshop will provide a high level overview of all USPS shipping products and services, including NSA only and published offerings. EX: PM, GA, PS, Returns – Label Delivery & Label Broker, Cubic, full network/SCF/NDC/DDU entry.

Warehouse Optimization for Integrating with USPS

Review best practices with integrating outbound and high-volume return solutions with USPS.

Win the Shipping Race with USPS Ship

Rev up your shipping operations and leave your competitors in the dust with the USPS Ship Workshop. It’s time to bring your commercial package shipments to the finish line with streamlined enrollment, advanced pricing logic, and customizable data feeds. Our workshop is the driver behind simplifying your pricing and payment process, allowing you to set individual package pricing, and get end-to-end visibility with a single pit-stop. The USPS Ship Workshop’s innovative features turn up the heat, giving you the speed and agility you need to win the shipping race. Are you ready to take on the competition? Join us now at the starting line of the USPS Ship Workshop and get ready to power ahead to a strong finish. With our tools and expertise, you’ll be reaching shipping milestones with ease.

You Need Tracking, USPS has the Tools

This workshop will cover options for tracking packages (API, webhooks, Extract files) and understanding scanning events.

Growing the Mail Through Innovation

If you want to learn about the latest incentives and promotions fromthe USPS, then this track is for you. Mail is still a vital component of any omnichannel campaign, and this track will show you how to utilize mail creatively and effectively to maximize your marketing spend.We’ll look toward the future and explore how mail will evolve and change to suit customers habits.

Achieving ROI Through Strategic Investments and Direct Mail

Unlock the latest insights shaping Direct Mail Marketing in 2024. Dive into a collaborative report delivering real-time analysis of industry trends, based on surveys with marketing experts from leading North American companies. Join our expert-led session as we break down findings and explore the impact of macroeconomic shifts on marketing strategies. Discover how top mailers achieve remarkable ROI through strategic investments in direct mail, emphasizing AI and automation. Stay ahead with discussions on dynamic trends, best practices, and data-driven personalization strategies. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to optimize your direct mail campaigns for maximum impact.

Collaborative Innovation with USPS and Flow Code

Join us as USPS and Post Pilot explore innovative approaches for mail advancement, including hyper-personalized QR codes for optimized mail campaigns. Gain practical insights on leveraging smart technologies for precision-targeted mailings.

Digital Channels, Direct Mail and Digital Marketing Platforms: The Big 3 of Omnichannel Marketing

If your campaigns don’t include digital channels AND direct mail AND marketing platforms, you are probably missing out. In a world where it often takes 7-9 touches to get a sale, digital channels and direct mail are highly complementary. Direct mail breaks through the messaging clutter and generates very high response rates, while digital channels can add supporting touches at a low cost per impression. Digital platforms, such as marketing automation platforms (MAPs) and Customer Data Platforms (CDPs), support both by enabling the same individuals to be targeted across channels, personalized messages, triggered messages, and campaign measurement. Hear from industry experts how you can take your omnichannel marketing to a new level.

Driving Direct Mail Results with Embellishments and Digital Engagement

This session introduces various tactile and sensory embellishments, like scent, which are used in direct mail – and how they can be used together and in conjunction with mobile technology like QR codes to provide direct mail recipients reasons to open the mail and ways to engage with the brand when they do.

Elevate Print Marketing with Omnichannel Strategy: Technologies that Connect Printers to Revenue and Customers to Results

Yearning to stand out, make a lasting impression, and become indispensable to your customers? Learn how to harness cutting-edge technologies and revolutionize your approach to print marketing with omnichannel tactics. This strategic fusion will skyrocket your customers’ direct mail response rates and drive revenue into your organization. We will also take a deep dive into the realm of tracking and attribution for offline channels, helping you unlock the secret to proving the effectiveness of direct mail. With powerful, data-driven insights at your fingertips, you’ll not only add value for your customers, but also create an unshakeable bond that leads to increased re-orders and long lasting loyalty.

Green Mailing: Transforming Shipping/Mailing for a Sustainable Future

This workshop delves into the emerging trends and innovative strategies for enhancing sustainability in shipping/mailing services. We’ll explore the latest in eco-friendly packaging solutions, the feasibility and implementation of carbon-neutral delivery options, and effective recycling initiatives within the shipping/mailing industry. The workshop aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of how shipping/mailing services can significantly reduce their environmental impact while maintaining efficiency and customer satisfaction.

How the First Class Stamp has Become the Best Marketing Technique in 2024

We’ll discuss changing times in marketing and increased privacy settings in digital space. While it’s getting harder and harder to cut through the noise, there is one tried and true way to stand out: Authentic Mail. Getting a real piece of mail in your mailbox generates real excitement… and it has never been easier to make it genuine. It all starts by using a real full rate USPS First Class Stamp that is canceled with the local postmark. Authentic looking letters get opened. Mail that gets opened gets results. Learn about a number of techniques you can use to leverage this amazing opportunity by doing the opposite of what many others are doing.

Imagine & Innovate: Shaping the Next Chapter of Marketing Mail

Ready to participate in a workshop where your ideas could shape the future of marketing mail? Join industry leaders, creative thinkers, and marketing experts for a dynamic session that sparks innovation. Your participation isn’t just in a workshop, it allows you to play a pivotal role in collective exploration of emerging technologies and ideating innovative strategies to shape the next chapter of marketing mail.

Influencing the Future Generation of Mailers

Join our workshop on becoming a Direct Effect Ambassador! In the first 15 minutes, learn about the program and ambassador responsibilities. Stay for the next 30 minutes to work through the certification process, including practical exercises like creating social media posts. Those who stay for the entire workshop can showcase their skills in a quick presentation and earn a badge as a certified Direct Effect Ambassador.

Informed Delivery for Shippers: Leveraging the Package as the Digital Marketing Channel

This workshop will provide an overview and benefits of the Informed Delivery interactive campaigns feature for packages, use cases/best practices, steps for getting started.

Lessons From Political Mail

Few organizations use direct mail as consistently and effectively as political campaigns. As we approach another national election, let’s explore why campaigns keep coming back to mail – and how they make it so effective.

MTAC – What’s in it For You?

MTAC has work groups and user groups that cover the various USPS systems and products – come and find out which one is for you! We’ll cover what groups are currently active and how to get involved. Learn how MTAC is structured and how you can become an active participant in the quarterly meeting at USPS Headquarters.

Optimizing Content Creation Through Gen AI

Generative AI tools like ChatGPT and Dall.E open exciting new opportunities for a wide spectrum of industries and functions. In this session we’ll show how leading organizations are using GenAI to reduce the production time for new designs from days to seconds, increasing personalization in imagery and messaging, and ultimately increasing engagement with their customers. In this session we delve into the subtle yet profound influence of GenAI on direct mail content creation. GenAI’s ability to analyze vast datasets and consumer preferences allows marketers to craft highly personalized messages, enhancing engagement and response rates. This technology is not just streamlining the content creation process but also revolutionizing the way brands connect with their audience through tailored, data-driven communication. From dynamic content generation to predictive analytics, explore the game-changing capabilities that GenAI brings to the forefront of your marketing toolkit.

Revolutionizing Direct Mail Marketing with Innovative Data- Driven Augmented Reality

In today’s ever-evolving marketing landscape, businesses must embrace innovative strategies to captivate their audiences. This session focuses on the fusion of traditional direct mail with enhanced data-driven Augmented Reality (AR) technology to create practical, yet immersive and highly effective omnichannel marketing approaches. By leveraging the power of data enriched AR to deliver enhanced direct mail personalization, seamless digital retargeting, geo-based content, and integrated email, this workshop aims to redefine customer journeys and drive unprecedented engagement and conversion rates. Attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of how to revolutionize their marketing efforts through omnichannel direct mail campaigns powered by AR. They will leave equipped with practical strategies, tools, and insights to create highly personalized, data-driven, and seamlessly integrated marketing experiences that drive exceptional customer engagement and conversions in today’s competitive market landscape.

Success with USPS IMbA – Intelligent Mail Barcodes Fuel Efficiency

Join us for an engaging session that explores the power of USPS Intelligent Mail Barcodes (IMbA) in the mailing industry and understand the practical applications, benefits, and success stories of integrating IMbA into business operations. We’ll share how the adoption of IMbA has created efficiencies in streamlined mailing processes, enhanced tracking capabilities, and improved operational efficiencies.

The Future of Direct Mail 2024: Marketer and Consumer Insights

Join this workshop as we present the newest 2024 data insights from 400+ senior direct marketing professionals, and 2,000+ U.S. consumers on direct mail’s performance, perceived value, and the evolving factors in its evolution as a key marketing channel. See how marketers measure and define campaign success, and the benefits direct mail is delivering for them. Plus, find out how marketers are adapting to generative AI and machine-learning tools. Consumer responses reveal how they feel about and act on their marketing mail, what kind of approaches do and do not resonate with them, and what they think would make direct mail more useful, sliced by generation and gender.

The Modern Marketer

Inflation, digital fatigue, and evolving values have reshaped consumer preferences and marketing strategies. Research has found that complicated market conditions – e.g., growing economic uncertainty, increasing privacy concerns, and consumer malaise toward marketers’ digital strategies – are driving the resurgence of “tried and true” marketing channels.

The Renaissance of Print in the Direct-to-Consumer Era: Mastering Digital Synergy for Marketing Triumph

Embark on an enlightening journey through the evolving landscape of direct-to-consumer marketing, where the fusion of print and digital strategies is reshaping the future of e-commerce. This workshop delves into how innovative retail brands leverage the tactile allure of print, including catalogs and postcards, to amplify their digital presence. Through engaging case studies and insights into the neuroscience behind print’s impact, participants will discover the transformative role of a balanced print-digital strategy in the post-COVID retail environment. Uncover the secrets to elevating your brand by mastering the synergy between print and digital for unmatched e-commerce success.

Unlock the Full Potential of Mail: A Comprehensive Overview of USPS Promotions and Incentive Programs

Maximize the impact of your mail campaigns with USPS mailing promotions and incentives. This session goes beyond the basics by highlighting key offerings and insights to enhance the overall value of your mail efforts for maximum impact. Additionally, learn about new promotions such as the 2025 Mail Multiplier promotion.

Why Should I Buy from You? Cracking the Code: The Psychology Behind High-Performance Campaigns and how Marketers can Capitalize on it.

Psychology in Direct Marketing: Unlock the power of psychology in direct marketing in this highly interactive program. Learn little-known insights into the science behind consumer behavior and how direct marketers can leverage psychological principles to achieve unparalleled success. Despite the illusion of logical decision-making, most purchasing choices are emotionally driven. Gain a deeper understanding why certain images, designs, brands, and messages evoke powerful emotional responses, transforming prospects into loyal customers. Learn tools that have the potential to revolutionize your marketing strategies. Learn time-based marketing strategies and cutting-edge technologies that empower marketers to connect with prospects at precisely the right moment and place – when emotions are most influential. Time-based Marketing will share proven psychologically based concepts designed to measurably increase your direct marketing ROI. Acquire powerful tools and understand how message coherence, progression and the right content at the right time can motivate consumers to act. Explore how Time-based Marketing seamlessly amplifies and integrates both your digital and direct mail.

Leadership Strategies for Professional Enrichment

There is direct correlation between great leadership and high performing organizations but to become an extraordinary leader, you need to practice. This track focuses on your personal development including how to take the lead and get others to follow you, the importance of diversity on your team, understanding the framework for leadership and much more.You’ll walk away with new skills to advance your career..

Advocate for Yourself and Your Team to Cultivate Success in the Fast Lane

Gain insight into strategies to empower yourself and your team to enhance your operation. Develop tools to set the tone to turn possibilities into realities by creating opportunities to succeed and develop best practices. Expand your resources to strengthen your services that promotes productivity and efficiencies. And discover a new sense of energy to lead and drive successful outcomes.

Building Inclusive Capacity from the Top Down, Middle Out and Bottom Up

Fostering an inclusive environment within your organization enables a healthy workplace. In this workshop you will understand what it takes to collectively excel, drive higher rates of retention, and create a more resilient and innovative workforce. We’ll delve into the crucial topic of fostering inclusive capability across all organizational levels, from senior executives to entry-level contributors, and provide practical insights and strategies for doing so. As part of the discussion, we will cover research on the role of co-workers in influencing an individual’s experience of inclusion at work will be presented, and participants will gain practical strategies to enhance inclusive capability in the organizations and teams.

Career Transitions: What We All need to Know (and remember)

In today’s dynamic landscape, career transitions affect us all. This panel discussion explores strategies for navigating these shifts, focusing on: preparing by defining and reinforcing individual skill sets, networking effectively, developing transferable skills, and overcoming personal and societal stigmas. Discover hidden opportunities within transitions, such as applying proven career practices and maintaining a positive mindset. Gain insights into seizing control of these moments to find the right opportunities. Join us for an interactive session that addresses the inevitability of career shifts and empowers you with practical tools for success.

Could Your Personality Damage Your Career

Building and cultivating relationships is an integral part of any career strategy. Understanding our personal strengths and weaknesses act as predictors for success in our work life. This workshop will center on developing a better understanding of how our personality impacts our relationship with others at work by examining how we act, feel, think and behave. Through a self-scoring preference profile, learn how your personality influences your behavior, your attitudes, your communication and decision-making processes.

Developing Innovative Leaders

In today’s shipping and logistics industry, innovation is paramount amidst rapid technological advancements. To remain competitive, organizations must embed innovation throughout. Leaders play a pivotal role, necessitating a deep understanding of their strengths, weaknesses, and strategic positioning within the innovation lifecycle from identifying an idea to scaling a new solution. Cultivating a culture of self-awareness, embracing calculated risk-taking, and supporting intellectual growth is crucial. This workshop shares best practices for fostering innovative leaders who prioritize rapid learning, possess a growth mindset, and lead with curiosity. Through commercial case studies, participants will witness how an innovation-focused mindset catalyzes digital transformation, underscoring the vital role of innovative leadership in driving this shift.

From Stress to Success

Take time to explore who you are, where you are going and how will you get there. This interactive workshop will teach you a systematic process of self-discovery to help control your life by examining how personality, self-fulfilling prophecies and personal expectations impact success. At the conclusion of the workshop, each participant will: complete a self scoring stress profile; develop techniques to identify the stressors of work; identify motivators of success and create a personal vision of success.

Grow Through Expanding Your Team  

To be successful, we need a team that supports our goals. That team is much more than the people who work in our departments — or even our company. Internal operations rely on information technology, human resources, marketing departments and external vendors. Salespeople rely on production and both departments rely on customer service. Expanding the definition of “team” doesn’t happen by accident. Note: This workshop is 1 of 5 required to complete in order to earn a Mail Center Manager Growth Certificate.

Grow Through Self-Actualization  

Unleashing our potential begins with acknowledging our authentic self. Developing peak performance includes discovering the unknown and revealing our hidden strengths and weaknesses. In this class, we’ll begin our personal journey to self-awareness and self-actualization. Because the more we reveal about ourselves to ourselves, the more authentic we become. Note: This workshop is 1 of 5 required to complete in order to earn a Mail Center Manager Growth Certification.Note: This workshop is 1 of 5 required to complete in order to earn a Mail Center Manager Growth Certification. Note: This workshop is 1 of 5 required to complete in order to earn a Mail Center Manager Growth Certificate.

Grow Through Self-Branding  

Corporations, hotels, restaurants, retail stores, print and mail service providers all spend millions of dollars every year developing and promoting their brands. They make sure they’re visible to clients and prospects. Likewise, we have to intentionally take action to make sure our personal values are visible and memorable through every interaction. We need to go beyond securing our reputation, we need to identify and build a personal brand. Our brand should evolve with us as we grow in our lives and our careers. Note: This workshop is 1 of 5 required to complete in order to earn a Mail Center Manager Growth Certificate.

Grow Through the Power of Connections

Connections play a critical role in individual, community, and societal health. We’re wired for connections yet are often becoming more isolated. In our new, hybrid world, people are impacted when their connections are compromised. Building and maintaining our business and personal networks will improve our chances of success in business — and in life. Note: This workshop is 1 of 5 required to complete in order to earn a Mail Center Manager Growth Certificate.

Grow and Add Value to Your Employer  

As you grow, it’s important that your employer understand the value you bring to the organization. Your actions will demonstrate that you want to learn more and bring more to your role. This panel of veterans will share the power of communicating and applying the 3 Rs — responsible, responsive and respectful — will bring you success. Note: This workshop is 1 of 5 required to complete in order to earn a Mail Center Manager Growth Certificate.

Keys to Maximize Your Effectiveness!

We all desire to be more effective and successful at work and in our personal lives. In this workshop we will learn tried and proven methods to be more effective as leaders, workers and individuals – and learn how to help others be more effective too! Come and learn tips to improve the communication, relationships and performance of you and your team. We’ll be pulling wisdom from the bestselling business book of all-time – Dr. Covey’s, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, and from other leading edge research and writings.

Leadership Looks Good on You: Success Strategies from Dynamic Leaders in Mail

Uncover the steps to professional success in the shipping/mailing industry during this women-led workshop! Hear from influential women from across the industry as they share their wisdom and unique perspectives. Learn about mentoring, essential leadership qualities, the importance of ongoing education, and networking mastery. Gain invaluable insights from accomplished leaders for your professional journey.

Leadership and Management in a Remote Workplace

As workplaces continue to evolve and more and more teams span multiple time zones and even countries, how do we as leaders evolve our management skills to keep our team members engaged and efficient? In the spirit of collaboration, this workshop will explore successes as well as non-successful outcomes through panel and audience engagement.

Mentoring for Staff Development and Professional Growth

In this workshop, attendees will learn how their staff can grow and improve their job performance through mentoring. We will also touch upon how you can grow both personally and professionally with skills learned from mentoring. Throughout the workshop, we will share real world examples and success stories that came from employees being mentored. Additionally, we will show how leaders have been promoted over the years and how they directly benefited by mentoring and being mentored.

PCC Two Day Boot Camp

The PCC Two-Day Boot Camp equips PCC Executive Board members with essential skills for running successful PCCs. Covering education, membership, communications, marketing, innovation, and policy, the sessions underscores the partnership between USPS and Industry representatives. Each interactive module, lasting 90 minutes, includes Q&A sessions and engaging activities like breakouts, role-playing, live demos, and games, fostering an enjoyable learning environment. Attendees earn a digital Credly badge, certifying their completion of the Boot Camp, which they can proudly share on social media.

Stepping up to the Plate: Overcoming the Fears of Taking the Lead

Have you ever been presented with an opportunity to take on a leadership role, but you were too afraid to actually take that step? Through realistic scenarios and group interaction we will identify traits within ourselves to help conquer those anxieties. We’ll look at ways to make the drive to want to step up, stronger than the fear that is paralyzing you.

Strategies to Attract and Retain Essential Talent

The Great Resignation has made attracting and retaining talent especially difficult for the mailing industry. Millennial and Generation Z workforce candidates are seeking new technology, new work/lifestyle balances, and growth opportunities to further their careers. In this workshop we will explore recruitment ideas and mentoring strategies to attract and retain key talent for your mailing operations.

Time Management in the Hybrid Work Environment

The new COVID present hybrid work environment (in-person, remote work and a mix of both) has us busier than ever. Learn practical tips and methods to focus your and your team’s energy and time to make the most impact.



Orientation Session

RM: 221AB | 1:30PM – 2:30PM

Mark Fallon,

President, The Berkshire Company

Sean Joyce,

President, Omega Consultants

Sean Joyce,

President, Omega Consultants

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Operations Efficiency From Mailing Preparation to Delivery

Preparation is the key to success. Before a customer receives a showstopping mailpiece or a perfectly prepared package, there is a lot of planning that goes on behind the scenes to create the mail/package moment. This track will focus on best practices for mail/package preparation and entry standards. We’ll cover the programs and applications available to you to ensure your mailpiece or package makes it to its final destination in the most cost-effective way.

Making the Most of Your Enterprise Payment System (EPS) Account and Reporting

Please join our USPS Team which will be discussing important information on enhanced EPS features, functionality, and reporting. USPS is enhancing postage data availability by integrating with Informed Visibility (IV) to bring enhanced data feeds. USPS will review the available EPS reporting data points to give customers a holistic view and understanding of how EPS functions and how they can take advantage of all the enhanced features and reporting.

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Address Management: Corporate Level Impact Requires Corporate Level Thinking

Address Management best practices are not one-size-fits-all. Learn how to start connecting address-centric solutions to meet needs across your enterprise. Bringing decades of industry experience to the discussion, your presenters will walk through the value of high-quality address data, the risks associated with poor quality addresses, and how to find success starting with existing tools and processes. Don’t miss this informative discussion, fit for every team in your organization!

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Boot Camp for Mail Center Managers – Two-Part Workshop

In today’s mail center environment, managers face daunting challenges – multiple areas of responsibility, disruptive technologies, and changes in USPS operations and regulations. The talents and skills that got you to where you are today may not be enough to bring you to the next level. Attend this two-part workshop and hear from leading speakers in the industry. In Part One, learn how to effectively navigate USPS regulations, and mail center management. In Part Two, you’ll learn mail center management trends and technology, as well as additional focus on Management 101 and professional development.

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CASS Cycle O – Lessons Learned and other Address Quality Best Practices

This session will cover insights from address quality improvements brought about by the new features in CASS Cycle O and cover the best practices in address quality to ensure maximum business impact and deliverability.

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Do you Know how Much Returned Mail Costs your Company?

Reduce the strain of return mail by automating the process. Maintaining returns can be very cumbersome and staff time is too important to waste handling the trays of undeliverable mail. The costs of paper, envelopes, production and postage increases the financial burden quickly. Compliance standards and legal requirements can often cloud the progress. Use automation to track undeliverable items, determine which customers are causing or having issues and take action to fix it. Learn how a simple automated process can make your addresses better, support your business and reduce costs.

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HAZMAT and Dangerous Goods 101

This workshop will cover how to ship HAZMAT and Dangerous Goods in an everchanging shipping environment. We’ll explain basic preparation requirements, what’s mailable, where to get information, and changes from the last two years that customers should be aware of before mailing.

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Mail Production Workflow in the Cloud – How to Harness the Power

In the dynamic realm of print and mail production, businesses can boost efficiency and collaboration by embracing cloud software. The transition to cloud software is not merely a technological shift but a strategic imperative with profound impacts on print and mail production businesses. This transformative shift from traditional in-house systems holds significant advantages for mail production operations. Recognizing the multifaceted impact on scaling capabilities, cost reduction, flexible access, automated maintenance, data security, and environmental stewardship, this session aims to provide insights and address common concerns, facilitating informed strategic decisions for your business.

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Mailpiece Design / Mailing Requirements – A Hands On Approach

This workshop will discuss the basics of Mailpiece Design for letters and flats. Design rules and mailing requirements are key to preparing and presenting automation compatible mail to the USPS. Basic design elements will be demonstrated and attendees will be encouraged to bring their questions and mailpieces for discussion and review.

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Managing the Postal Lifecycle of Transactional Print & Mail Operations – Preparing a Long-term Strategy for Governance

Producing your transactional mail in-house is a major decision. However, the work isn’t done once the decision is made. There are many factors that can enhance or diminish the cost effectiveness of a self-managed operation. You are both mail owner and MSP and having those dual views is key. Postal governance and compliance have major downstream implications on the operations floor, so precision and experience are important. You will learn best practices, dive into metrics and discover processes to solidify a postal lifecycle to support your operations into the future. Engage with industry leaders currently managing print, postal, and sourcing strategy for large mail owners to gain insights to apply within your own organization. The dollars are in the details!

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Mastering Mail: Strategies for Productivity, Compliance and Delivery Optimization

Inspired to take advantage of USPS programs that could improve operational efficiencies while keeping you in compliance with privacy regulations? Interested in learning how to accurately provide instructions to the USPS in the Intelligent Mail barcode (IMb)? Tired of juggling resources to manage physical pieces of returned mail flooding back into your facilities? This workshop is for mailers who could benefit from USPS solutions, but don’t know where to start. We’ll talk about how First Class Mailers can have their mail securely destroyed (without ever leaving postal custody). Required to have the undeliverable as addressed piece returned instead? That can be done as well, along with detailed electronic information sourced from the carrier. We’ll talk about all the options available to streamline the processing of returned mail. What to do and what to avoid – helping you free up scarce resources for other activity. Join us to discuss steps you can take to see immediate results.

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Maximize Benefits Through Supply Chain Solutions – “CO” Services

Are you taking advantage of all supply chain solutions? Learn the ins and outs of Co-Services such as CoMail, Commingle, Co-Palletization and Co-Transportation. Find additional opportunities to decrease postage costs, increase mail volume and take advantage of the expanding USPS container discounts. Drive more efficient mail deeper into the USPS network to improve service and the accuracy of target in-home dates.

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Presorting vs. Commingling. Is there a difference?

Presorting mailings can drive postage savings but supercharging your mailing efforts with commingling has positive impacts to your business in a multitude of ways, not the least of which is postal savings. But for commingling to be effective it requires volume and ZIP code density. Things that may be tough to achieve on your own. But what is commingling, how does it work and why should mailers care?

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Reducing Waste in a Circular Economy

As an industrialized recycling operation, USPS serves a unique and significant role in the recycling community. This workshop focuses on understanding what the circular economy is, its importance to you as a USPS customer and what the organizations sustainability plans are in the near future. We’ll discuss the Environmental Council’s initiatives to be a leader in the federal sustainability sector.

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Save Money by Mailing Smarter

In today’s cost-pressured mailing environment, it is important for mail owners and Mail Service Providers to explore ways to reduce costs. Not only does cost reduction help keep businesses using the mail, it can help grow volume by stretching mailing budgets further. Attend this workshop to hear many ways that mailing “smarter” can reduce your costs. Our panel of expert Mail Service Providers will review cost reduction strategies from the basic to the more sophisticated. Don’t miss this opportunity to ensure that your company is not leaving savings on the table!

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Seamless Acceptance and Informed Visibility Work Together

Seamless Acceptance has become the USPS tool that commercial mailers use to present mail to the USPS. There are significant benefits – improved workflow, easier mail induction, and a postage discount – but there are also significant challenges. Undocumented mail is a constant worry among many mailers, and Seamless doesn’t really confirm for your customers that all the mail was mailed. Integrating Informed Visibility with it can help you take advantage of Seamless, while mitigating the challenges. Use Informed Visibility with Seamless to document mail dates for your customers, investigate undocumented assessments, and keep better control of your mail induction process. Of course, this is in addition to all the other benefits of mail tracking with Informed Visibility you already enjoy. This workshop will provide specific examples and processes you can use to make your mailing operations better today.

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Smart Solutions – Content Designed to Mail & Ship!

Mail Classification experts will guide you through the best way to design and prepare your mail so pricing is in your favor! This workshop will cover some simple tips and tricks to follow when designing cards, letters, flats and packages along with a review on how content can impact price eligibility.

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Strategies for Cost Optimization in Mail Production and Postal Operations

In the ever-evolving landscape of mail operations, leaders are seeking ways to reduce labor expenses, boost productivity, and optimize postage. Join this workshop as we explore innovative approaches to maximize operational efficiencies – from data through delivery – across every stage of the process. Discover opportunities for savings throughout the mail production ecosystem. The focus will be on the latest automation tools and solutions designed to revolutionize your operations, streamline mail processing, maximize postage savings, and capitalize on postal promotions.

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Streamlining Success: The Impact of Centralizing Mailing Data

This workshop focuses on the transformative benefits of centralizing key mailing data – including presort, Informed Delivery (ID), Informed Visibility (IV), address, compliance, and logistics information. We will explore how this centralization can lead to significant cost savings, enhanced customer experience, and increased mailing volumes. Participants will learn about the efficiencies gained through centralized customer service, postage optimization, entry planning, ID campaigns, and Service Performance Measurement. We’ll also discuss how these improvements can shape future mailing strategies and contribute to organizational success.

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The Address Quality Advantage

Get ready to achieve ultimate address quality! Our innovative workshop is specifically designed to empower mailers to make the best mailing decisions and minimize undeliverable mail. This workshop will provide the most comprehensive guidance on the latest products and services that will revolutionize the way mailers maintain address quality. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to gain the Address Quality Advantage and propel your mailing experience to the next level.

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The Five Pillars of Supply Chain Success

Join us for a supplier connections workshop highlighting the 5 Pillars of supply chain success. This collaborative workshop includes a panel of experts from various supply chain entities in the direct marketing industry.

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The Global Postal Network and U.S. International Mail

New requirements for international mail by the countries of the world are changing the way mailers need to prepare for mailings. The challenges facing the Global Postal Network require mailers and mail service providers to be aware of what issues are on the horizon. In this workshop, we will discuss the Global Postal Network and the challenges to it presented by current discussions about Advanced Electronic Data (AED) and customs clearance; B2B2C routing; GIS, geolocation, and geocode addresses; and other issues raised in recent meetings of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) and other international organizations that affect international mail.

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Unlocking Satisfaction: The USPS Resolution and Support Guide

When you interact with the people at business and residential addresses in the country six and seven days a week, it only makes sense that problems will arise from time to time. How does USPS intake customer questions and concerns? How does USPS handle those customer contacts? What does USPS do with the data collected from customer inquiries? In this workshop, we will explain how customers can get the assistance they need from USPS. We will outline the self-service options that have been developed. And we will explain how our business customers can assist their end customers to take full advantage of the customer support USPS provides.

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Vroom, Vroom! Inkjet Innovations Deliver Speed, Security, Affordability and Openability for your Mail-pieces.

If you want your mail pieces to be produced quickly, securely, affordably and be read then this workshop is for you. Production inkjet technology has evolved. We will be sharing the latest innovations and how you can harness the power of color inkjet at production speed to shorten run times, eliminate pre-printed envelopes with generic marketing messages and save on postage by leveraging USPS promotional discounts. Producers of transactional and marketing mail are challenged with delivering cost-effective, value-added services for short run, high impact mail piece creation. These jobs increasingly require full color and variable data print on the face of closed envelopes and matched with content inside to optimize security and maximize open rates. For years, this required significant investments in equipment and software. Inkjet technology has evolved and so has print production. New solutions can provide full bleed color printing at production-like speed with dynamically printed addresses, logos and graphics with extremely competitive operating costs, and access to USPS postage discounts.

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“DO SOMETHING!” To Break Down 5 Mailing Operation Growth Barriers

Mail volume is declining, postage rates are increasing, and the USPS is implementing the most comprehensive change to their network in decades. You cannot afford to simply do nothing in response to the changes and challenges ahead. In this workshop, you will hear five key strategies for you to DO SOMETHING to better prepare your mailing operation for these massive changes ahead.

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Pioneering the Future: Innovative Data Technology Solutions

Data and technology continue to drive informed business decisions. This track will focus on the latest data tools at your disposal to drive better visibility, on-time performance, and customer satisfaction. We’ll explore the latest technology trends and discuss how to effectively implement them into your shipping or mailing operation.

Adding Value to Mail with Data Analytics

As mail becomes more intelligent, the amount and type of data available continues to grow. This session will explore the many types of data that commingler and comail providers use to help customers get the most out of their mailings. Expert data analytics help customers achieve better outcomes using USPS promotions and incentives, and gaining the best postage discounts. Commingle/comail also offers customers the ability to monitor their service performance and make adjustments to optimize deliverability, which adds value to their mail and maintains and grows volume.

Analytics Amplified: Unleashing Business Insights

Through Data Harnessing the power of data is not just an advantage but a necessity for business success. The presentation will focus on how the USPS is using data analytics to provide insights to USPS operations/leadership so we can improve business operations by cutting costs and improving service to our customers. It will cover the importance of data analytics for reporting, the various types and methods of data analysis USPS utilizes and how USPS takes insights from analysis and converts them into actionable steps to improve business operations.

Automated Tracking of a Piece of Mail

This session will provide an overview of the birth to delivery of a piece of mail. Learn how a piece of mail travels through production and shipping activities, identify the weak and strong spots inside of today’s mail tracking, and gain an understanding of the benefits of adding detailed tray tracking into the data collection steam and how it will better support mailers and printers.

Carbon Accounting and Our Blue Earth

Take a look inside USPS’s day-to-day environmental business practices to deliver a greener tomorrow. Learn about the initiatives behind our green footprint and how our efforts and resources can help you to reduce your carbon footprint.

Creating Business Efficiencies and Customer Engagement with Informed Visibility® Mail Tracking & Reporting (IV-MTR)

Informed Visibility Mail Tracking & Reporting provides near-real-time tracking of mail pieces. The value of IV-MTR is more than mail-tracking data, it drives true business intelligence. In this presentation, you’ll hear about how this powerful platform is used to make better business decisions, improve mail ROI, and future enhancements with Informed Delivery campaign data.

Digital Direct Mail: Where Art, Science, and Execution Connect!

Gain an understanding of how marketers are leveraging data and technology to improve their performance with the mail channel. This session will discuss how data analytics is influencing creative, performance, and execution in new ways. Learn how to overcome the challenges of best practices implementation with new digital production technology. We’ll show you some approaches that other marketers have implemented to improve their own performance results.

Driving Operational and Cost Efficiency for Technology

The emergence of new technology, evolution of threats, and market demands require new methods of providing solutions and data-driven enterprise Information Technology to meet the objectives outlined in the Delivering for America plan. Industry technology providers must enable the adoption of enterprise services and solutions, which are informed by a cohesive USPS Data Strategy, that implement seamless and reliable operational support to meet the needs of the USPS. In this workshop, learn how an integrated data-centric approach addresses dynamic business requirements through AI/ML and advanced analytics to provide benefits such as: scalable IT infrastructure and services, rapid prototyping, application security and redundancy, cybersecurity and fraud threat mitigation.

Getting Personal with Data

In 2024, businesses are taking personalization to new heights by leveraging advanced data analytics. By analyzing consumer behavior, preferences, and past interactions, companies can create highly targeted and relevant experiences.

Latest and Greatest Innovation in USPS Technology

Join our panel of USPS Technology experts that will share key technology advances in the industry. In this workshop, we will learn how to effectively implement these new technologies today to stay on top of the acceleration eCommerce market. Anyone who wants to continue improving the customer experience they offer to their online shoppers will want to attend this valuable workshop.

Making the Mail Room the Hero of the Organization

This workshop will cover how automation of inbound mail is transforming the mailroom. We will discuss how organizations are migrating towards electronic delivery of documents and how that impacts other departments upstream. By feeding data elements captured from the inbound mail you can save time and resources by simply delivering the necessary data to the appropriate knowledge worker or department. As employers are adapting to a hybrid environment, this session will help explain how they can effectively invoke powerful data and digital transformation initiatives.

Protecting the Mail – New Technologies Being Deployed by the Postal Service to Defend Mail Carriers and Physical Mail

Physical mail and shipping is still the most trusted channel for carrying important messages and valued goods. Unfortunately, increasing crime means that it is more important than ever to protect the safety of mail carriers and defend the mail from theft – and retain the intrinsic value of mail and shipping. During this workshop, the USPS will discuss several of the technology initiatives being implemented to protect carriers and the mail from theft and ensure that shipping and mailing retail their value.

Pulling Gold Out of Your Database

Learn how to build and optimize a database that delivers results. Customer databases are critical to business, yet they are dynamic so it’s vital to maintain the accuracy and completeness of the information. Having a good understanding of the demographics and behaviors of your customers gives you the ability to improve your communication and achieve greater results. Find quality prospects. We will help you pull this all together and grab the gold out of your database.

Retail Technology Modernization

In this workshop attendees will be introduced to the suite of retail technologies (existing and new); the benefits of each retail technology as it relates to the audience and individual consumers; and finally, how the technologies work together and when to use.

State of GenAI 2023 and Beyond: Implementation, Adoption, and Success

Gain insights from a recent survey on the State of GenAI in 2023 and beyond. Generative AI holds the potential to revolutionize industries. Many organizations are eagerly implementing Generative AI strategies and tools, while others are cautiously considering their challenges and risks. Where do you stand in this transformative journey? This workshop will explore insights from various industries regarding their GenAI journey, including those just beginning to embrace AI. We will delve into several factors shaping Generative AI adoption, such as the impact of data governance and data management maturity on implementing Generative AI; readiness factors for embracing GenAI, including AI governance processes and guidance, training, AI model documentation requirements, data privacy considerations, availability of skilled staff for GenAI projects, and budget allocation; and understanding the anticipated ROI of Generative AI.


Learn the latest and greatest on USPS Tracking enhancements and where this intelligence is headed for the future. Gain insights on features that enhance value and improve the customer experience.

Unlocking Trust – Safeguarding Customer Data

With cyber threats everywhere how do you structure your security profile, so that customers are comfortable their data is safe. This workshop will address industry best practices for your IT security profile and generally accepted certifications that are available. We will discuss how to start the process of being more secure, what to expect, and what needs to be done to ensure a secure profile going forward.

What is Your Mailer Scorecard Telling You?

This workshop will help eDoc submitters learn the different sections of the mailer scorecard, what the data is telling them and how they can use that knowledge to improve the quality of the eDoc, interpret the results of mail verification and mitigate assessments. We will also cover how to set up subscriptions so that users can go right to viewing the scorecard. Mail Quality data feeds will also be covered.

Supplier Connections: Supply Chain and Transportation Strategies for Success

This new NPF track designed specifically for current and potential suppliers, provides companies the most current information on commodity specific business practices and contracting opportunities for working with the USPS. Suppliers can select from a series of specialized workshops and interactive sessions with Supply Management, Transportation Strategy, and Fleet Management and Facilities leadership. Suppliers will hear about comprehensive changes and new strategies needed to improve their company’s competitive position and meet USPS supply chain needs.

Supplier Proposal Evaluation / Best Value Source Selection

Learn how the USPS’s contracting and sourcing teams evaluate supplier proposals and select best value supplier offers to meet operational requirements. Senior Commodity Directors will share evaluation factors and provide tips on how to respond to issued solicitations and requests for information (RFIs). Get tips on how to prepare your proposal, highlight your company’s strengths, and learn what to expect if you are invited to present your proposal or provide an oral demonstration.

Supplier Registration & On-Boarding and Supply Chain Relationship Management

Join this session to learn how to register within the USPS’s Supplier Portal to potentially become a new supplier, and how existing suppliers can update their company’s data. Attendees will learn about contracting systems, what data is required, and how to enter their company information to ensure that commodity, business offerings, company location, and other important information is complete and accurate for sourcing team’s usage. Understand how the USPS uses supplier data to invite suppliers for future business opportunities and participation in issued solicitations. Learn also about Supply Management’s robust Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) Program. Understand how SRM and Supplier Performance Management helps the USPS ensure supply chain availability and how the USPS manages suppliers’ performance, green and sustainable spend reporting, small, minority, and women owned business subcontract reporting, and supplier innovation proposals.

Topics in Information Technology Contracts – Privacy, Cybersecurity, & Third-Party Risk Assessment

Privacy and data protection are critical requirements within USPS IT purchasing contracts. Attendees will learn about the USPS’s IT hardware and software contracting organizations and annual spend, together with specific contracting requirements and topics in cybersecurity policies and data security. Hear from the Director, Cyber Security Risk within the USPS’s Corporate Information Security Office (CISO) concerning third party risk review requirements. Learn about specialized contracting matters including FedRamp Certification and other technology issues in contract performance. Finally, understand requirements for obtaining security clearances, types of clearances, and what disqualifies a firm or individual from obtaining a clearance.

Topics in Mail & Operational Equipment Contracts – Package Sorting Technology and Material Handling Systems

In this workshop, learn how the USPS’s parcel and mail processing technology contracting organization and annual spend by commodity. Deploying new sorting platforms to support the USPS’s Delivering for America Plan, hear from senior commodity executives on recent programs and how suppliers can support upcoming requirements for both hardware and services. Suppliers will learn about the USPS’s newest platform, the Matrix Regional Sorter, and its role in supporting the new processing network, as well as specific contract requirements in mail processing technology.

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