2024 National Postal Forum


Monday General Session: USPS 
PMG Keynote Address

Monday, June 3, 2024

Join us for a transformative experience as Postmaster GeneralLouis DeJoy shares the journey of reshaping the USPS. Learn about the extensive changes in facilities, transportation networks, and innovative shipping products. Dive into the narrative of organizational evolution, structural shifts, and operational enhancements positioning USPS at a crossroads for a future-ready postal service — evolving into the preferred delivery provider through 2024 and beyond.

Tuesday General Session: 
A Manifestation of Outcomes — Across The Enterprise

Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Attend the Tuesday USPS Executive Leadership General Session andexperience a dynamic session discussing transformative changes aimed atenhancing customer experiences. Explore initiatives focusing on network and productenhancements, and how promotional mail and growth incentives are makingMarketing Mail a highly effective way to reach diverse consumer demographics. Plus,gain newer insights into USPS strategies ensuring future competitiveness andits ongoing digital reinvention.

PMG Town Hall Meeting

Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Join the Postmaster General as he continues to outline the strategies underlying the Delivering for American plan, and how the vision is manifesting across the postal network. With thoughtful investments in people and infrastructure, DFA has guided the USPS through successful peak seasons, through a product and service realignment, and a transportation and infrastructure network redesigned and reimagined to serve the needs of theAmerican public. Attendees will be able to ask questions and to engage in a conversation with the PMG about current and future changes affecting the postal landscape.

Leadership Insight Sessions

Chart your course for success and explore the future of the mailing and shipping industry through exclusive USPS Officer Sessions. Delve into pivotal topics shaping the USPS landscape, from strategies ensuring financial stability to the electrification of the USPS fleet and discussions on ensuring America’s confidence in the mail.  


The USPS operates one of the largest civilian fleets in the world, comprised primarily of the delivery vehicles used by carriers across the nation to complete their daily delivery mission. As part of the Delivering for America plan, USPS is beginning to replace its delivery fleet, and undertake aggressive fleet electrification. In this session we’ll cover our past practices, where our fleet acquisition plans are now and our future timeline. These initiatives will not only help to effectively manage ongoing operational costs of the delivery fleet but will support the nation’s important sustainability and carbon reduction goals. We’ll share the benefits of the electrification of our fleet including an overview of the EV Charing Infrastructure, the revamping of the Vehicle Maintenance Facilities and how the changes will positively impact you. Join us as we CHARGE ahead!

Dr. Joshua Colin
Chief Retail and Delivery Officer & EVP
Justin Glass
Director, Fleet Management
Vicki Stephen
Director, Next Gen Delivery Vehicle Program
Angela Curtis
VP Delivery Operations
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Confidence in the Mail and Securing Tomorrow’s Deliveries

Protecting people, mail and packages has been and continues to be a top priority of the USPS. In this session you will learn about new measures being put in place to stop criminals, strategies for detecting and eliminating counterfeit postage, and cybersecurity strategies to combat the evolving digital threat landscape. We will discuss how the Inspection Service is fighting crime and the bold steps to bring criminals to justice. Next, we’ll dive into our new and improved collection boxes, our solution for arrow key theft, and our new secure delivery alternatives. Finally, we will go over our cybersecurity initiatives to combat online fraud and protecting our data and systems. These strategies are critical to keeping our employees, customers, mail and packages safe so we can focus on our core mission, delivering to 167 million addresses six days a week.

Gary Barksdale
Chief Postal Inspector
Scott Bombaugh
Chief Technology Officer & EVP
Heather Dyer
VP, Chief Information Security Officer
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This session will provide the specifics on how USPS will be the greenest way to mail and ship! We’ll provide a detailed overview of the USPS journey of modernization and transformation that touches every aspect of our operations, our products and services, our performance, and our culture since the PMG’s creation of the Environmental Council last year. Learn about how the Environmental Council leadership focused on the blueprint outlined in our Delivering for America plan to set aggressive environmental targets which will leverage our operational efficiencies to deliver positive environmental impacts as USPS becomes a leader in carbon reductions.

Judy de Torok
VP Corporate Affairs
Jennifer Beiro Reveille
Sr Director Environmental Affairs & Corp Sustainability
Yvonne Yoerger
Director, Employee Comm & Content Management
Kevin Couch
Sr Director, Maintenance Operations
Vicki Stephen
Director, Next Gen Delivery Vehicle Program
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FROM THE DOCK TO THE DOOR: A New Retail Experience

Change is constant: join us as we walk through the positive changes taking place in retail and delivery operations. You’ll hear about where we are now in our network realignment and where we are going in the future including how the realigned network works for you and how it can be leveraged to enhance the growth of your business. We’ll discuss the efficient utilization of our carriers to serve our customers through innovative pickup and delivery. As technology has evolved, so have the opportunities to serve our customers beyond delivery. Hear about the investments we are making in our retail experience, including smart lockers and more self-service tools to complete your transactions. We’ll also discuss the expansion of our Government Servies footprint in our retail facilities. Retail and Delivery Operations have been a critical component of USPS for centuries and we plan to play a leading role for centuries to come. Join us on that journey!

Dr. Joshua Colin
Chief Retail and Delivery Officer & EVP
Elvin Mercado
VP Retail and Post Office Operations
Angela Curtis
VP Delivery Operations
Ben Kuo
VP Facilities
Gary Reblin
VP Innovation Business Technology
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In this session you will hear how USPS is executing on the Delivering for America plan by aligning products and pricing to improve its financial condition. The discussion will delve into the management of USPS expenses including inflation, transportation, productivity, workforce costs and the headwinds and tailwinds impacting revenue. You will also learn how USPS is investing wisely to control costs. Learn insights about future pricing, promotions/incentives and new products based on customer needs to drive higher ROIs.

Steve Montieth
Chief Customer & Marketing Officer & EVP
Luke Grossman
SVP Finance and Strategy
Sharon Owens
VP Pricing and Costing
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In this session we’ll discuss how USPS is increasing its capital investment, modernizing its facilities, and laying out one of the most ambitious electric charging systems. We’ll review the design of our facilities and show you the new processing equipment being added to speed delivery. USPS has one of the largest civilian facilities portfolios in the world with over 32,000 facilities and we are putting precision in practice to provide the necessary foundation and capability needed to be sustainable for generations to come.

Scott Bombaugh
Chief Technology Officer & EVP
Ben Kuo
VP Facilities
Vicki Stephen
Director, Next Gen Delivery Vehicle Program
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In this session you’ll learn how USPS is transforming its transportation infrastructure and how that impacts all downstream functions, from the plant to final delivery. We’ll cover our successes in significantly reduced air transport and increased surface transport and how that benefits our customers. We’ll share how USPS is currently activating facilities, deploying machines, and establishing new processes that will provide the necessary foundation and capability needed to be sustainable for generations to come. Through our integrated mail and package delivery system, we’ll share what this will look like in the future and how it positions USPS to be the number one transportation provider.

Isaac Cronkhite
Chief Processing & Distribution Officer & EVP
Kelly Abney
Chief Logistics Officer & EVP
Robert Cintron
VP, Logistics
Pete Routsolias
VP Transportation Strategy
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USPS continues to respond to the explosive growth of e-commerce with flexible shipping solutions. Our leading-edge, feature-rich API platform provides our customers and partners broad access to our shipping products and solutions with immediate onboarding, seamless integration, unprecedented scalability, and rapid development. In this session you will hear first-hand from customers currently using our shipping platforms and getting quick entry and fast delivery of their products. With our new products and services, this is the perfect time to consider USPS as your premier shipping provider.

Pritha Mehra
Chief Information Officer & EVP
Shibani Gambhir
VP Sales Intelligence and Support
Angela Lawson
VP Technology Applications
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