A place where mailing professionals gather, share experience and form business alliances.


Aside from serving as a training ground for mailing and direct marketing professionals, NPF brings business owners, product manufacturers, service providers and USPS sales and leadership executives together in one place to discuss the needs of one of America's largest industries.


Whatever mail-related service you are looking for or whatever mailing production software/equipment you need for your mailing operation, you can find it on the NPF exhibit floor. In addition, there is no better event than the National Postal Forum at which to form strategic relationships between you, the Postal Service and your peers.

A training ground for business owners, fullfillment house employees, mailroom managers and direct mail marketing professionals


Each year at the National Postal Forum, over 100 postal representatives and industry experts come together to teach business owners and industry workers how to improve their mailing operations and increase return on investment to ultimately profit from involvement with the mailing industry. 

Multiple topics, arranged into educational tracks based on professional interest are always made available covering:


  • Leadership Skills

  • Mail Piece Design

  • Fullfillment
  • Data Processing and Analytics

  • Safety and Security

  • Niche Mailing

  • College and University, Nonprofit, Government and Periodicals Specific Topics

  • Technology

  • Proper Addressing and Mail Acceptance Practices

  • Package Shipping

  • USPS led topics regarding Policy and Regulation and Industry Projections


To ensure the value of the educational offerings at our annual mailing conference the US Postal Service has endorsed a USPS Professional Certification Program designed to assist you in the achievement of your career goals. 

The Premier Mailing Industry Conference


The 2017 National Postal Forum is organized by respected, renowned and powerful leaders in the mailing and shipping industry. This multidisciplinary program includes companies that partner with the Postal Service to provide end users with the broadest choice of services. Companies that integrate the USPS logistical advantage to supply greater and more efficient delivery options will also be featured at this year’s Forum. This platform will provide an ideal forum for mailers, marketing managers, shipping services, USPS representatives and product/service suppliers to share and disseminate knowledge and information on using the mail more efficiently to improve your company’s bottom line.

Attendees and Exhibitors alike will have the opportunity Tune In To education, networking and solutions that will move our mailing and shipping industry forward.


The National Postal Forum was formed in 1968 in partnership with the US Postal Service to serve as a central meeting point for the mailing industry. A USPS endorsed mailing industry conference where industry professionals could come together and be confident that they could gather information on one of the country's largest industries through official channels. Since then NPF has held its ground as the premier industry event, occurring in a different location each year in order to provide convenient access to USPS leadership, current postal policy, bulk mailing standards, emerging industry trends and cutting edge technology.


The NPF Mission

The National Postal Forum (NPF), a not-for-profit educational corporation, was established in 1968 by a group of major postal customers/mailers who were committed to an ongoing partnership with the United States Postal Service.



The National Postal Forum continues its commitment to an ongoing partnership with the US Postal Service as the industry now looks to the 21st century. NPF's goal will continue to be to provide communication


NPF Board of Directors

The National Postal Forum Board of Directors is comprised of individuals with extensive backgrounds from within the mailing industry and the US Postal Service.

The Board of Directors actively oversees the activities of the National Postal Forum—setting long-term goals and priorities for the organization.



Together, the NPF staff represents over 100 combined years of service to NPF and dedication to the mailing industry and the US Postal Service.

Listed below are all current NPF employees and their contact information. Please do not hesitate to contact any one of them for assisance or more information.